Traditional Pergola in Oak

We have been busy with pergolas recently. The other one we have recently finished is a very traditional rectangular pergola about 7m by 3.5m which covers a paved area in the back garden of my client just next to their large garage wall.

My client wanted the pergola to look really solid so we went with 125mm square posts and 75mm thick beams.

Braces are made just a little thinner than the beams and joists they fit into as this looks neatest. Joints are mortice and tenon fixed with a 5/8 inch (15mm) oak peg. The whole structure as massively strong and feels very rigid. I hate it when you get solid looking pergolas that aren’t braced properly and almost wave around in the wind.

We gave the whole structure a coat of oil – not necessary for preserving it but good to stop it seasoning too quickly in what remains of our summer.

For more information see Oxford Oak

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