Hexagonal Pergola

I have just finished  a rather elegant hexagonal pergola for private client in Oxfordshire.

The timber I used was all from store and so had about a year of seasoning in it which helped considerably in getting everything stable accurate.  The posts were set on stainless steel stand-offs; difficult to see in the photo but you should just be able to notice the posts floating above the grass.

Braces were angled at 30 degrees into the posts and held with 5/8 inch pegs. Both braces and the beams have a curve to the underside which gives the whole pergola a much lighter feel to it.

The trickiest part was turning the central oak boss which holds together the angled rafters. This was made from an 8 inch thick off-cut that has been slowly seasoning in my store for the past four or five years. It was still a little green inside when we cut it size. Seasoned oak this size is not easy to come by.

I now have a very happy customer. Since the photos were taken they have paved inside – I will be going back in a few week’s time to attach some tension cables up the posts and I will take some more photos of the completed structure.

For more information see Oxford Oak

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