Traditional Oak Pergola with curved beams

I have just finished making a large oak pergola. It’s about 35m long and consists of 16 bays. All of the beams running along the pergola, and joists running across it have a lovely gentle curve cut on them. This gives it a lighter, more graceful feel to what is essentially a very traditional pergola.

The photo shows it nearing completion. Here we still have to fit most of the braces running across the pergola – only the one in the forground has been fitted so far. The construction is my normal pegged mortice and tenon joints. I hope show you photos of the completely finished pergola soon.

For more information see Oxford Oak

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2 Responses to Traditional Oak Pergola with curved beams

  1. Stunning Rodas. What an elegant and beautiuful pergola. This looks like it’s been a major project for you.

  2. Rose Dale says:

    wow it looks really fantastic – well done!
    can you email a pic so I can put it in my files as a possible to show clients?
    look forward to catching up with you in due course

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