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How much waste?

If you asked me how much of the oak I buy gets used in the furniture I make, and how much of it is wasted I suppose I would guess that normally about two thirds is furniture and a third … Continue reading

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Pergola Braces

I have spent today making the braces for a pergola that I am building. These aren’t difficult to make but are quite time consuming as there are quite a few operations to do on each brace: cutting to length, planing … Continue reading

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Green oak and moisture content

How long does a piece of green oak take to season? It’s a question that I am frequently asked and the stock answer that most of us give is that it seasons an inch a year. So if you have … Continue reading

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Making the seat panels: part 2

Once I had the whole bench assembled I could see how the panels needed to be shaped to make them comfortable. Basically this is just putting a curve across the width of them and smoothing the edges. I do this … Continue reading

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Making the seat panels: part 1

Here are some photos of the seat panels of the One Oak bench. The five panels were cut from two 30mm thick boards. These were then thicknessed to 27mm and then I marked out the position of the tenons. I … Continue reading

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Making Pegs

I am often asked how I make the pegs that hold my benches together. Well, there are a few different ways, but the one I use the most is one of the simplest. The most important thing is to start … Continue reading

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Assembling the end frames

Today I assembled the end frames for the One Oak bench. The mortices had all been cut, the tenons were then cut to size and fitted. The holes for the pegs were bored out and then each of the pieces … Continue reading

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